These three zodiac signs are the biggest party animals

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Leo rules the fifth house, the playground of creativity, and fun. Lions can like most situations. on 1969, Leo season, Woodstock was held on a secluded field.


Leos are natural exuberants who keep the party going until they get their daily accolades. Triple Leo Andy Warhol turned parties into art.

Sagittarius is a natural party animal, staring at the last man standing, snorting your dead dad's ashes, and paying for blood transfusions.


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Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, abandon, and excess, and motivated by a profound yearning to explore the strange,

Pisces are the most passionate about dancing, drinking, drugging, f–king, and singing away anguish.


Their refrigerators contain half a bag of baby carrots, gummy bears, whip cream, and gin, so they can only host potlucks.

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