These Foods Are Bad for Your Heart, So My Diet Is Over.

Processed deli meats

Avoid delis. "Even lower-fat versions of cured lunch meats contain the preservative sodium nitrate."

Hot dogs

Sausage and hot dogs include saturated fat. Even low-fat foods are salty. Batayneh advises limiting salt since it raises blood pressure.

Roast chicken

If you buy fully seasoned, skin-on supermarket roasted birds, they have more sodium and saturated fat than home-cooked fowl.


Many store-bought condiments contain sugar and sodium, so you may want to switch them up.

BBQ sauce

In other condiment news, avoid sauce at cookouts for heart health. A normal bottle provides 310 mg of sodium per tablespoon.

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Table salt

70% of our sodium comes from packaged and restaurant meals. Natural substances contribute 15%

Low-fat dressings

Fisher thinks hidden sugar and salt make reduced-fat salad dressings a cardiac crime.

Fat-free snacks

"Fat-free packaged foods were once touted as healthy options for individuals wanting to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle," Fisher explains. No more.

Fat-free peanut butter

For heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, choose a natural, full-fat, sugar-free nut butter. Low-fat peanut butters have the same calories as regular ones.

Sugary cereal

In another example of "not all fats are bad," check your cold cereal's nutrition label. Does it have more than eight grams of sugar per serving to compensate for its low fat?

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