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These 3 Zodiac Signs Are The Biggest Flirts

Gemini is controlled by Mercury, the Roman god of communication, therefore it's not surprising that Geminis top this list.


Geminis as "quick thinkers and even quicker communicators," which explains their "gift for banter.

Flirtation is more of a reaction than a deliberate behaviour, as they prefer the company of those who can excite their thoughts...

Venus, the planet of love, rules the sign. this makes Libras so naturally gorgeous that they are possible "the most beautiful of the zodiac.


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Their physical attractiveness may attract others, but it is their mentality that makes them an unmistakable flirt.

Librans love people, so a passionate flirting encounter is just another forgettable Tuesday for them.

Keep your romantic fantasies about a Sagittarius on hold until you're sure the relationship is serious.


Sagittarians "don't have an end goal' as they only hunt for beginnings," which is why their romantic relationships appear to be aimless and experimental.

Sagittarians are the most "audacious flirters" in the zodiac and aren't scared to say what they really think.

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