The Most Joyous Zodiac Sign

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Cancer is mostly emotional. They're known for being sensitive and emotional, but their lighter side can make everyone feel fantastic.

6. Cancer

Aquarius can make anything better. They're unconventional and don't require perfection to be inspired. They also want the latest and greatest.

5. Aquarius

Sun-ruled Leos are always joyful. What's happier than sunshine?"They have a magnetic presence that draws people in and brightens even the dullest days,"

4. Leo

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Libra wants to make others happy. They are happiest when their loved ones succeed."They have a balanced vibe which makes them lovely to spend time with,".

3. Libra

Sagittarius exudes happiness. Schmidt calls them cheery, happy, and easygoing.They love to explore and light up whatever room they enter. 

2. Sagittarius

Pisces love spirituality. They're always daydreaming. This time spent escaping reality makes them the happiest zodiac sign.Neptune, the creative god, rules these fish. 

1. Pisces

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