The Most Gullible Zodiac Sign

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This attractive and extroverted sign may surprise you, yet their confidence brings them into difficulties.

They honestly don't believe anyone would dare take advantage of them.


Cancer exhibits a youthful level of openheartedness and sincerity that they hope to see readily replicated in others.

Crabs see the best in people and think everyone has good intentions, not that they're easily duped.

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Another sign not known for gullibility is Sagittarius. They must be insightful since they're the zodiac's global travellers, right?

They're "a touch naive when it comes to stranger generosity. Sags see potential in everyone they meet.


Aries are impetuous and get into things without doing their investigation.

Aries' gullibility extends to other areas. "Aries is extremely trustworthy in love.


The easiest zodiac sign is Pisces. Because of their freewheeling temperament, they're creative, perceptive, and dreamers.

You'd expect the ultra-visionary fish would be able to identify early indicators of dishonesty.

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