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The Most Devious Zodiac Sign


Sagittarius is hard to pin down due to their love of exploration and making new friends.

Their spontaneity makes them devious. "They're masterful disruptors, sometimes to the point of immoral, even if it's not intended.


Capricorns can appear cold and callous to strangers. Earth signs work hard and will do anything to succeed, so beware.

Capricorn knows when they're being deceitful, yet they'll use any wicked approach if it helps them.

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Whenever someone messes with their work, Capricorns plan, whereas Leos turn devious if someone steals their shine.

This symbol craves attention. Their need to be the best, ruled by the Sun, makes them stand out.


Libras are usually charming and charismatic, making it hard to think they are deceptive.

This air sign can easily deceive. Marquardt argues Libras are deceptive because they know they can persuade.


Aries is powerful and will push people out of the way. Mars-ruled people are enthusiastic and driven to succeed.


Scorpios, the zodiac's most deceptive sign, can read people better than any other sign.

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