The Most Confident Zodiac Sign

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Sagittarius appears to always know what they desire. This is because they are "typically willing to try everything at least once.

Do not anticipate that they would decline new experiences or second-guess themselves.


Before you get to know them, Virgos appears fairly certain. They are exceedingly self-confident and internally analytical.

They are so confident because they feel "their approach is the proper way to do almost anything.

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Capricorns always appear confident and strong. They are well-dressed, competent at their jobs, and take life seriously.

Their confidence may be somewhat subdued and unassuming, but they have the self-discipline, motivation, and talents to achieve anything they desire.


Scorpios are somewhat secretive, which contributes to their scary quality.

This sign is "very intuitive and fearless," which gives them a "great sense of trust in their capacity to achieve what they want.


This attention-seeking sign as ever-confident in their ability to overcome obstacles and make things happen by sheer force of will.

The vivacious Aries may not plan ahead, but they never look back or harbor regrets.

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