The Most Beautiful Birds in The World

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Mandarin Duck

These birds combine several hues, including purple, white, orange, and red, to create a beautiful whole.

Nicobar Pigeon

The majority of Nicobars reside in the island that bears their name, the Nicobar Islands.

Blue Jay

Because of its ability to perch, the blue jay is classed as a passerine bird, also known as a perching bird.

Scarlet Macaw

It is easily distinguished by its red, yellow, and blue colouring, and at 32 inches in length, it is larger than many other parrot species.

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There are six species of the bird family Phoenicopteridae that are classified as flamingos.

Golden Pheasant

It belongs to the order of game birds, which also includes chickens, turkeys, and several other ground-dwelling birds.

Blue Crowned Pigeon

The male and female are visually comparable, but the male is larger. These birds are fragile, but it is worthwhile to view them.


The idiom "as proud as a peacock" arises for a purpose. These birds appear to be aware of their beauty, judging by the way their "tails" are displayed.

Red Crested Turaco

There are turacos throughout Africa, notably the red-crested variety. It is a remarkable bird that is frequently observed in flocks or pairs.

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