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The Most Angry Zodiac Sign


While Cancers are renowned for their emotionality and sensitivity, wrath does not immediately come to mind when we consider this sign.

The moon rules Cancer and the waters are intimately connected to lunar cycles.


Scorpios can be mysterious. Water signs' tempers aren't explosive as fire signs.

They are easily hurt, revengeful, and unwilling to tell you how they feel. That can cause serious strife.

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Leos are lively but contentious and protective. Leos believe they're the centre of the universe and won't back down if their beliefs are challenged.

They might have a "gnarly temper" when their egos are damaged. "This is usually a heated reaction to hide anguish and uncertainty."


Virgos are known for their "anxious streak," but they may be fiery with family and friends.

This sign may be quiet in their rage, but it won't take much to push them to this point.


Capricorns have a mysterious emotional side. "They seem cool, calm, and collected.

But they have compulsive tendencies and sometimes struggle to moderate their temper when their rigorous schedules are not executed properly.

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