The Least Thoughtful Zodiac Sign

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Sagittarians behave without thinking. These free spirits "talk without thinking and may not care how their comments effect others.

Fire signs are independent and seem self-centered since they have problems trusting.


These party animals thrive on attention, but that's all they want.

Leos have "a large ego that refuses to listen to others.

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While entertaining a crowd, Geminis may disregard friends and significant ones.

Expect the unexpected from a Gemini's thoughtfulness due to their dual personality.


Capricorns prioritize career success over all else. Capricorns are "strategic geniuses who play their cards close to their chest.

If someone upsets their meticulously thought-out plans, they can be vindictive.


This self-centered, often destructive water sign loves scandals.

They're usually too busy maintaining their mystery to worry about others.


Aries, the first sign, values independence and attaining what they want.

They never give up and can use underhanded methods if necessary.

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