The Least Romantic Zodiac Sign

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Astrologer and tarot reader says, "Scorpio can be passionate and passionate.

Scorpio deals with a lot of deep, subconscious obstacles that make true connection and intimacy difficult.


While picking a companion, Virgos are quite selective.

They may like someone enough to have a casual relationship, but until they fulfil their meticulous standards, they won't love them.

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Sagittarius' independence makes them difficult to partner with.

Sags don't want to give up their freedom, therefore they abandon relationships.


At first, this sign seems cold. Capricorns "is excellent in bed, but that's where the romance stops.

Capricorn can be a touch dry and calloused in love settings, frequently not sure what to do or how to behave.


Aries can't see beyond their own life. Aries is "the most self-focused sign in the zodiac.

Aries may like getting to know you because they adore the thrill of meeting new people.

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