The Easy-to-Do Low-Bun Hair Hack

Sometimes you don't want a messy low-bun. Appleton's hack is a great compromise and takes less than a minute.

Start with a low ponytail and pull your hair through about a third of the last loop to make a little bun.

 Then, crisscross the extra hair you didn't pull into a bun around the hair tie to cover it. 

Use a bobby pin to hold the bun at the bottom for a pretty, casual bun without fly-aways. In Appleton's video, he pulls a few hairs forward to frame his face. 

Like most buns, this low-bun can be worn to work or out. One user said, "As a nursing student who can only wear buns, this is saving me."

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Low-Bun Advice

There's no one hairstyle. Stephanie Mihaila's 200k-view TikTok video contains a similar low-bun trick. Except for the final steps, it resembles Appleton's hack. 

Mihaila starts with a low ponytail, pulling her hair back and loosening some strands to give volumeā€”a helpful strategy for thin hair.

On the last loop, she makes a bun like Appleton. Instead of crisscrossing the excess pieces around the bun, Mihaila uses a smaller elastic band to loop the two strands of hair. 

She tightens that loop and wraps it around the bun. Finally, she pulls the extra pieces together, hides the hair tie, and pins any remaining pieces.

This helps keep the bun in place. Try both hacks to see which one you like most. 

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