The 5-Minute Workout To Add Muscle Definition to Your Arms

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The pushup tones your pectorals, deltoids, and triceps from shoulder to elbow. If full pushups are too hard, do them from your knees. Leaning against a wall or chair helps.

1. Pushups

Defining and toning your biceps is easy with bicep curls. Slow repetitions maximize tension and results.

2. Bicep Curls

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The tricep dip, another two-for-one bodyweight exercise, targets the triceps, chest, and shoulders for entire upper-body definition.

3. Tricep Dips

Targeting multiple muscles in your biceps is important. The hammer curl works the brachioradialis and biceps, giving you well-rounded arms.

4. Hammer Curls

If you want to define your arms, hammer your triceps with various exercises. Most gyms feature cable devices, so the triceps cable rope extension is a good alternative.

5. Triceps Cable Rope Extensions

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