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The 4 Most Helpful Zodiac Signs


Virgos are noted for their intelligence and dependability, qualities that make them excellent friends and allies. 

While Virgos are extremely rational and practical, this does not mean they lack emotion. They are incredibly compassionate.

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Libras love harmony and hate confrontation. They jump into situations they shouldn't because of their urge to please and resolve disputes.

 Libras dislike fighting. They are natural mediators who can rapidly resolve conflicts before they escalate.

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Leos, due to their ambition and willingness to enter into things with both feet, may be excellent assistants despite their brash demeanor.

Leos approach every situation with a "full steam ahead" mentality; they are self-assured, if occasionally a bit arrogant.


Cancers, a nurturing and caring sign, often know when to make the perfect joke.

Cancers are also natural givers; it is in their nature to care for others. They are the kind of people that will give you the shirt from their backs in times of great need.

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