The #1 Standing Ab Workout for a Visibly Toned Six-Pack

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It's a standing bicycle crunch. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and put your hands on the back of your head with your elbows out. 

1. Standing Bicycle Crunches

As you crunch your core, pull your right knee to your chest and your left elbow to meet it. Each rep, reverse and switch sides. 

Standing side crunches work your obliques. Take a shoulder-width stance. Right arm overhead, left hand on hip.

2. Standing Side Crunches

 Bring your right elbow down and right knee up to crush your right side. Bring your elbow and knee together and bend your right abs. Reverse and switch sides.

Rotational lunges work your abs and body. Hold a dumbbell in front of your chest while standing hip-width apart.

3. Lunges With Rotation

Lunge forward with your left foot. Lower with left torso rotation. Restart and do the opposite side. After one minute, switch exercises.

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Oblique exercises can help you achieve a V-shaped torso. Stand straight with a dumbbell in your right hand.

4. Dumbbell Side Bends

With your left hand on your waist, bend to your right and descend the dumbbell until you reach your range of motion. Pause, then stand upright.

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