Taylor Swift's hand bleeding 

Taylor Swift thanks fans following her Houston concert injury. The Grammy-winning musician performed three Houston gigs on her "Eras" tour over the weekend.

After her last Texas performance, frightened fans flocked to social media to find out how Swift damaged her hand.

“It was my fault completely – tripped on my dress hem and fell in the dark backstage while running to a quick change – braced my fall with my palm.

Swift replied, “Don’t worry about me I’m gooooood [kissy face emoji]. “Love this tour because of these crowds’ passion.”

@lovr_23 tweeted Swift's situation during fan anguish. “She cut below her palm sometime between ‘Tolerate It’ and ‘RFI’ [‘Ready for It’]. 

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"Her wrist is fine by the end of ‘Tolerate It’ and by the time she walks down the stage for ‘Rfi’ you see the blood near her palm," they continued.

“It continues bleeding throughout ‘Reputation’ (can catch glimpses of it all the way thru ‘Look What You Made Me Do’).

When she wears the "Enchanted" outfit, they place a bandage on it, but it doesn't stay.

Swift was later assumed to be bleeding from both sides of her hand, but crimson confetti on her outside palm cleared the mystery.
She didn't cut her hand, @lovr_23 stated.

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