Taylor Swift's Atlanta Show Reaction Was Perfect

When tickets went on sale last November, Taylor Swift's Eras Tour was practically hard to get, but those who did are seeing a show worth the wait. 

The vocalist sings 44 of her songs in three hours. At one of her Atlanta tour stops over the weekend, fans got a little extra. 

During Swift's Evermore concert, her in-ear monitors malfunctioned. As concertgoer @bethany_pendleton13's TikTok video shows, 

Swift kept her audience entertained while the problem was addressed. She began delivering jokes, and her first one was about cats. 

"A cat walks into a library and says, 'Yes, I'll have some tuna fish,'" she explains. "Sir, this is a library," the counterwoman says. 

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Swift whispers the cat's response, "'Oh, I'm sorry. I'd like some tuna." 

I was in the nosebleeds that night, but it was a cool moment. 

While moments like these are obviously not ideal for performers who hope everything goes smoothly, they're also why live music is so great. 

Even if Swift labeled her prank "the dad joke from hell," she should be proud of it. She's hilarious! 

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