Taylor Swift Cleaning Cart Theory

Kay, you know the notion that Taylor Swift has been entering arenas on her Eras tour with a cleaning supplies cart, right? 

A fan video on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and thousands of group conversations proves it.

To clarify, the cleaning supplies wagon hypothesis began a few days ago:

People began collecting evidence: Now there's a whole video of Taylor's escape from the cleaning cart, and it's legendary.

As many have noted, this cleaning cart scene supports reports that Taylor Swift travels in a huge luggage.

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Recalling that famous thing: A photo agency produced a shot of four guys carrying a big suitcase that casually indicated housed Taylor, starting the Taylor Swift in a SuitcaseTM myth. 

No one could manage this information, the internet burned down, and the CIA retracted its claim—but it was too late. 

Taylor Swift in a SuitcaseTM developed an urban legend when Zayn Malik told Vogue that Tay was "traveling around in a suitcase."

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