Street Smart Zodiac Signs

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Aries is a bright and intelligent sign. Their wits are razor-sharp. Aries is a natural-born leaders, even if they do not care who follows them.


Aries are aggressive, loudmouthed fire signs, yet they're smart. Aries solves a problem while the rest of the world is trying to figure out its cause.

One of the most useful signs. They're emotionally driven, but they usually use their heads.


They avoid odd situations and follow their intuition. They can assess events and make suitable decisions.

Leos are street-smart and socially intelligent. They're naturally attractive. Before acting, they frequently plan.


They're street-smart and don't make themselves easy targets. People like Leo's warmth and honesty because their joy is contagious.

Shrewd, deceptive, perceptive, and attentive, Scorpio is the zodiac sign with the most street smarts.


When they're in trouble, all they care about is using their street smarts to stay safe.

Fast, swift, and astute, they can read people and presume more about you than you know about yourself.


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