Shaquille O’Neal: “You Want To Be Known As Great, You Got To Step Up.”

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NBA media still features Shaquille O'Neal, a former basketball star. On 'Inside the NBA,' O'Neal often criticizes elite players.

It's gotten so terrible that some have called for O'Neal to apologize for his harsh criticism.

Shaq responded to those critics and doubled down in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix.

I've never criticized a player because I dislike them. I advise. Okay, take my counsel. If not, I'm fine. It happens. It's part of the game, but I usually say it to help.

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I'm not responsible for your blindness. Was sensitive. I won to silence you. I often talk from facts. We're watching. To advance, you must execute."

It's clear why Shaq hates big men. As a dominant center, O'Neal knows what it takes to dominate the interior, including being able to take criticism to grow.

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