Shania Twain's New Look in Singing Video

Fans love Shania Twain!
She releases new songs and performs on her Queen of Me tour this year. Two months ago, she released the incredible Giddy Up song off her "Queen of Me" album.

 As if that wasn't enough, on March 24, she announced the remix with producer Malibu Barbie, which is more catchier than the original.

Shania released a video of herself listening to the song, which thrilled fans. "Love the song," someone remarked on Facebook.

"I love hearing other versions of your songs," another commented. Another said, "I love this, "Giddy up" is my favorite."

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It wasn't simply the song that had fans talking. Shania's short, wavy hair was admired. Shania generally walks the red carpet with a blowout, so it was a new sight for most.

"Love your new hair, looks amazing on you."
"Love your hair."
"Fun hair."

Shania's tour begins on April 28 and continues through the year. She'll also perform at music festivals and other unique occasions!

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