Ryan Reynolds talks about investment.

Ryan Reynolds made another splash quickly.
"Detective Pikachu" actor Ryan Reynolds joined the payments sector after selling 25% of the firm for $1.35 billion.

Reynolds said he knows "nothing about fintech" and "thank god I'm not running the company," but he added Nuvei to his diverse investment portfolio because he can offer value to the brand.

"If you look at a gin company, a wireless company, and a Welsh football club, those things don't really go together," he added in the interview.

Reynolds' Maximum Effort marketing agency efforts make him the public face of his investments. He appeared in Mint Mobile ads.

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"My job is storytelling," he remarked. "I think at Maximum Effort our job would be more defined as not necessarily financial investment but emotional investment."

Reynolds believes Nuvei can produce value despite selling to corporations rather than consumers.

"The most successful B2B companies on the planet all have a story to tell," he remarked. I'm all about creativity. I'm no financial investing guru. I like the emotional involvement component."

Hollywood's star has profited from it. In 2020, Diageo bought Aviation American Gin for $610 million, and Mint Mobile may have earned him almost $300 million.

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