Russell Wilson accident shocks NFL.

Going out on the golf course during the offseason is often viewed as a very safe pastime,

That provides very small danger of injury for a professional athlete, such as a quarterback for the National Football League. 

For Denver Broncos star quarterback Russell Wilson, though, that was not the case this week.

According to a tweet by Mat Smith of 104.3 The Fan, Russell Wilson overturned a golf cart into a bunker while playing golf over the weekend, putting himself and others in danger of serious harm.

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This has been independently verified by reliable sources. Yesterday, at Arrowhead Golf Course, Russell Wilson crashed his golf cart into a sand trap.

Nobody was wounded. This time, everything is OK. Smith speculated in a tweet on Monday that the golfer had accidentally entered a bunker while searching for his ball.

Even though Wilson escaped injury, the NFL community still had much to say about the event on social media.

While Wilson escaped the collision without serious harm, he is not so lucky when it comes to escaping public humiliation.

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