Queen Elizabeth’s : 10 Daily Habits

Queen Elizabeth had breakfast at 8:30 a.m. Breakfast-eaters may live longer owing to a decreased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Eating breakfast

 Pet ownership has been shown to decrease blood pressure, stress, health care expenditures, depression, obesity, cancer, and diabetes risk. Walk time!

Having a pet

Queen Elizabeth, an experienced equestrian, grew up with horses. She liked horses so much she gifted Prince Charles a broodmare for his wedding.

Horseback riding

Queen Elizabeth began her day with Earl Grey. She preferred milk to sugar in her tea, like many Brits.

Tea time

Elizabeth had jam sandwiches for afternoon tea every. "Jam pennies" are jam on buttered white bread sliced into crustless circles.

Snacking—in little amounts

Her joke-loving friends and acquaintances have told countless tales. “Well, that’s reassuring,” she said when a visitor said she “looked a lot like the Queen.”


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After 70 years of marriage, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth had their ups and downs, but they seemed very close.

Loving relationship

High-profile families are tricky. Despite the hardships, Queen Elizabeth had a close-knit family that were there for her.

Loved ones

Nature lovers rejoice: both are connected to longer life. Not merely exercise improves health.

Enjoying nature

Queen Elizabeth lived to serve the UK and Commonwealth. She liked working! Her "walkabouts"—global trips where she met people—were legendary. 

Purposeful labor

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