Pro Tips for Walking to Lose Weight

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 walking quicker burns more calories. If you want to lose weight walking, use speed bursts.

Switch up your walking speed.

Have you tried "rucking," or weighted backpacking?"As you get used to it, you can continue to add more weight to increase your burn on future walks."

Add weighted backpacks.

Sure, your legs are doing most of the work when you're walking, but don't forget to engage your arms!

Engage your arms.

Walking for weight loss with a friend will motivate and hold you accountable. It'll be fun catching up.

 Recruit a walking buddy.

It's always a smart idea to go into a weight loss journey with an end goal, along with small goals along the way.

Establish a goal.

This weight loss strategy can be used throughout the day, not only during walking. Read advises taking the steps instead of the elevator or escalator for errands and apartment visits.

 Take the stairs.

"Raising your knees higher increases the task of walking,". Like high knees, you'll exercise your lower body and core, expending energy and sweating. 

 Raise your knees 70 to 80 degrees with each step.

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Shorter, more frequent walks are another good weight-loss practice.Since you recover faster after short walks, you can walk more and burn more calories.

Take shorter, more frequent walks.

It's no surprise that hills or treadmill incline walking burn more calories. It also tones and strengthens legs.

Focus on hills or walking at an incline.

Strength training is the best supplement to walking for "boosting your fat loss efforts."

Incorporate strength training into your routine.

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