Plan-Maker Zodiac Signs

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This sign rules. They have a knack for authority and are trusted to lead wherever they work.

Capricorns excel at planning. They enjoy planning, organising, and watching a well-laid plan succeed.


Tauruses love planning because they must predict the future. They will do anything to arrange something for their personal benefit.


This sign loves planning and carrying out spectacular events. . They organise dates, events, and control their environment.

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This symbol is great for party planning. At a spiritual gathering or women's class, a Cancer will likely be the centre of attention.

They're known for being aggressive planners and organisers. They love planning.


Virgo doesn't plan well until they realise they're superior than everyone else. When acknowledged, Virgo becomes a results monster.


Plan-oriented Aquarius. They enjoy a good experience and figuring out the best route to travel from here to there or this to that.

If you travel with an Aquarius, they will book hotels and tours. They like details, are patient, and pick well. A reliable planning partner.

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