Paris Hilton's book discusses abortion

“Your attackers don't win. "You get to tell your story, and your story has more power than you can imagine," Hilton writes. 

 “I wanted to create the most accurate depiction of my life and the driving forces that shaped it.”

Paris Hilton embraces her ADHD "superpower" "Paris" takes lively detours from Hilton's life tale, unlike a standard autobiography.

Hilton's erratic style references ADHD, a neurodevelopmental illness "marked by an ongoing pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity."

Hilton recalls her upbringing without a diagnosis. “Nobody ever said, ‘Relax, little girl. "Intelligence comes in many forms," she says. 

Instead, they called me stupid, bratty, thoughtless, ungrateful, or not applying myself. Hilton used ADHD to her advantage in her work against the "troubled teen" business.

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“Advocacy work blessed me with the silver bullet that transforms ADHD from disability to superpower: purpose,” Hilton says. 

“I thought I couldn't focus for years. Now I know I can concentrate like a laser beam on what matters.”

Hilton discusses her suffering at Provo Canyon institution, a Utah boarding institution for wayward kids.

After many school expulsions and excessive sneaking, Hilton's parents put her in CEDU, a "emotional growth boarding school."

Hilton was sent to Ascent, Cascade, and Provo after many failed breakaway attempts, where she alleges hard work, beatings, verbal abuse by students and staff, and solitary confinement.

Hilton created "a mechanically specific vision" of her life after Provo to stay resilient and build her media empire.

Hilton says, “Instead of numbered sweats, I’d curate a designer wardrobe and never wear the same outfit twice.

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