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Paranormally Sensitive Zodiac Sign


Virgo is a perceptive young lady, but she also understands that the most intelligent folks are receptive.

She is captivated by the supernatural because it is not consistent with her personality.

She is generally described as sensible and consistent, however she has a particular fascination in ghosts and aliens.

Her air sign was originally approximately 89% foreign or outsider, thus it seems sense that she would be interested in the supernatural. 


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She enjoys the thought that there is something out there that people cannot clearly recognise.

She occasionally takes her interest to an extreme and is always up for a nice, real conversation regarding the current location of the yeti or alien.


The Pisces is a remarkable woman whose mind is frequently clouded, thus it seems logical that she would enjoy the supernatural.

She is more likely to believe in ghosts and apparitions than in extraterrestrials, aliens, and demons, but she does consider their existence.

She is someone who claims to "just know" these things, thus she may not be in the mood to explain how she knows the paranormal occurs. 

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