Paige Spiranac Goes Viral Again

Paige Spiranac filmed another Tuesday Twitter video in her bedroom.

This viral video by the prominent golf influencer criticized Masters winner Jon Rahm and other professional players for sluggish performance during tournaments.

“Slow play in golf has been a huge topic of discussion so let’s talk about it,” Paige Spiranac opened her newest video, entitled “40 seconds is a long time.”

Jon Rahm and Brooks Koepka waiting on every hole at Augusta sparked the topic. “I’ve seen paint dry faster than that round. I believe this is a bigger issue, therefore I won't name anyone.

The response is always, ‘but they’re playing for majors and are a lot of money and they should take their time.’

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“Look at any other sport,” Paige said. “They won’t just extend the time because they’re playing for a championship.

“Can you imagine if Michael Jordan was just dribbling away and they were like, ‘it’s okay guys, this is for a championship and a whole lot of money, just give him some time. Give him time.”

Golfers should be fined if they don't strike their shot in 40 seconds. Slow play cheats.
It's simple. Penalize them for missing in 40 seconds. That’s it!

As usual, Paige Spiranac's followers commented on the day's subject.

Aside of the expected "40 seconds" jokes, comments ranged from those who didn't care to others who think slow play is an abomination and golfers who exceed 40 seconds should be drawn and quartered.

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