NFL Reporter Annie Agar Stuns Beachside

After dunking on Tyreek Hill's attempt to fire his shot at Bally Sports reporter Annie Agar, the 27-year-old has been the day's breakout star on NFL Twitter.

Agar, who has been employed by Bally Sports since 2021, has amassed over 600,000 TikTok fans and over 190,000 Instagram followers for, well, obvious reasons.

Agar's vicious slam on Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who had tried to flirt with her on Twitter, went viral on April 18.

Agar released a video of her day at the 2023 Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach, when she participated in the IndyCar Experience, mentioning Hill because of his legendary speed.

Hill then posted a remark from Agar, which amounted to: "If you want my phone number, just ask." 

Agar then retorted by cruelly bringing up a viral video showing a young wide receiver severely attacking Hill at one of Hill's football camps.

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Thanks dude, I watched the video of the kid at your camp and it seemed like he already had your number.

Agar, a graduate of Grand Valley State University, worked as a local news reporter for WOOD TV8 in Michigan before joining the Bally Sports team.

Perhaps Tyreek Hill will never try to shoot his shot on social media again after being dunked on so badly by Agar. In the eyes of the public.

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