Most Vainest Zodiac Signs

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Venus is their ruling planet and hence these individuals have an intrinsic sense for aesthetic beauty unmatched by any other sign.

Although though Libras are conscious that appearances are not everything, they are drawn to attractive people in friendships and relationships.


Gemini is a sign that enjoys praise, so it's not surprising that it scores well on the list.

They will say one thing to one person and a completely other understanding of their position to another.

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Taurus is a mixed bag: at best dependable and strong, and at worst vain and self-centered. 

 Despite the fact that people born under this sign are often conscientious and grounded, they have a tendency to become excessively materialistic. 


The emergence of Virgo in a zodiac renowned for precise planning may come as a surprise.

Being one of the most cerebral zodiac signs, Virgos have high standards for themselves and others.


Being one of the most obedient zodiac signs, there can be no doubt that Leos cherish morality.

Because they are such a dramatic zodiac sign, they will often do whatever to be in the spotlight, even if it conflicts with their values.

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