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Most Saddest Zodiac Sign


Pisces were born with a penchant towards martyrdom and self-sacrifice due to their innate depression.

They view life though rose-colored glasses, and their unrealistically idealistic viewpoint on life leaves them frequently disappointed.


Cancer is another sign with a strong propensity for melancholy and melancholy.

These individuals are highly sensitive, sympathetic, kind, and nurturing, but they frequently feel as though no one cares about them.

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Because of their strong emotional nature, Scorpios are more likely to experience depression than those of any other zodiac sign. 

Scorpios put a great deal of energy into their personal connections, so when things aren't going well, they suffer from depression and anxiety.


Similarly, Capricorns are a vulnerable zodiac sign for depression due to a number of factors.

If they don't let their human feelings out, they can develop significant depression.


Those born under the sign of Gemini are complex beings who are prone to strong feelings of joy or sorrow. 

Those born under this sign, represented by the Twins, tend to display a dual personality.

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