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Most Quietest Zodiac Sign


They are obstinate and opinionated, but they don't want to be wrong, so they carefully analyse their words and actions before speaking.

Taurus is always the first to listen, and it is this attentiveness and timing that makes these earth signs appear calm.


Capricorns are not generally introverts, but they are choosy about who they allow into their lives, which can sometimes make them appear reserved. 

They are attempting to convey their message to others and may initially come across as harsh and unapproachable in order to get their argument across.


If they are challenged, Virgos will feel compelled to express their ideas. However, this earth sign is also quite empathetic.

They may be reticent at times, but they are always aware of their surroundings.


They are exceedingly sensitive and easily offended, therefore it makes sense that they are the sign that carries grudges forever.

Before they will consider sharing sensitive information with you, you will have to earn their trust.


Pisces are typically more reclusive and enjoy the concept of escaping reality. These individuals, who are governed by Neptune.

They do not wish to collect or exchange any knowledge, and they take pleasure in their alone.

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