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Most Loveless Zodiac Sign


They are predisposed to prioritise the feelings of others over their own, due to their reputation for having a soft heart.

If they truly love their partner, they will choose to disregard certain issues.


As a sensitive sign, Cancer dislikes making their partner feel terrible.

The fact is that this sign would rather conceal their emotions than generate a rippling effect in their connection, which could ultimately make them upset.

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Capricorn, you're not exactly the first group of persons that comes to mind when we think of those in need of passion.

You want a strict routine, and lack of constraint troubles you the most.


Individuals born under this sign keep their heads firmly on their shoulders, which is why they lack the capacity to deal with their emotions and desires.

When they pamper or cuddle their partner while watching a film, they feel the happiest.


Even if Leo is here for wholly different reasons than the others, it is surprising to find Leo on this list.

This is an egotistical zodiac sign that is actually fascinated with appearances.

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