Most Intellectual Zodiac Signs

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Geminis are smart, outspoken, and able to see all sides. Mercury, the planet of the mind, governs your curiosity.

Geminis are great communicators and influencers who can communicate the same idea in various ways.


Virgo, your critical eye helps your mind. Mutable earth signs are meticulous and want to see things from all perspectives to solve problems.

Virgos are logical. They're eloquent and socially adept. Ash says they also speak fluently.

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Sagittarius, your philosophical tenth house ruler gives you worldliness.

 You are wise and logical because this house rules long-distance travel and spirituality. 

You're open to new ideas and a free thinker. “Their open-mindedness lets them understand fresh ideas without bias.


Capricorn, if experience is the finest teacher, you're the greatest scholar. 

Saturn controls our memory, and Capricorns automatically go into fixer mode when faced with a hard or new situation.

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