Most Hot-Tempered Zodiac Signs

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1. Libra

Librans are possibly the least antagonistic of all zodiac signs. They prefer living in harmony with everyone, thus they dislike conflicts.

Anger is not considered an attractive emotion by Librans. That is not to suggest that they never become angry.

2. Pisces

Pisceans are the least likely to become enraged. No one anticipates that they will have a nasty temper since they are dreamy and spiritual.

Generally speaking, they are nice and quiet. They will accept responsibility for almost everything, even when they are not at fault.

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3. Cancer

Cancerians do not frequently blow fuses. They are exceedingly sensitive and emotional, therefore their sentiments might be easily hurt.

When this occurs, individuals typically exhibit some measure of passive aggression.

4. Gemini

This zodiac sign's natives have a split nature that goes towards two extremes. While they are readily angered, their rage is short-lived and they swiftly settle down.

Those unfamiliar with the other aspect of their personality may be astonished when they become angry.

5. Sagittarius

Because Sagittarius is a fire sign, those born under this sign are prone to frenzy and dramatic displays of rage.

When angry, they do not tolerate it and may take things personally. It will take a long time to recover from an offence.

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