Most Honest Zodiac Signs


Geminis are predisposed to pathological lying. Gemini often doesn't mind lying. If caught, they'll insist they didn't lie.

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Pisces lie for a purpose. This zodiac sign prefers to avoid conflict and prevent hurting others. They frequently deceive others.

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Libras will lie to gain. They lie well, but not as much as Pisces or Gemini. If you catch them lying, expect a fight.


Aquariuses are honest and dishonest. To avoid controversy, they will lie to your face. They hate conflict. When necessary, they can be brutally honest.


Capricorns lie, especially if they're not close. This zodiac sign may not want to discuss their sentiments or personal life. 


Scorpio is neither the most honest nor the most dishonest zodiac sign. This zodiac sign lies to improve their image or self-esteem. 


Taurus appreciates honesty, although they lie to please others. This sign also lies to avoid controversy or hurting others. 


Virgo is a compassionate person who does not like to harm others. In order to save the sentiments of close friends and family members, Virgo will tell tiny lies or conceal information.


Cancer typically shuns strangers. Most people think they wouldn't hurt somebody because of this and their gentleness. 


Leo is fearless, including being brutally honest. This natural leader will demonstrate honesty. 


Aries is more brutally truthful than the majority of other zodiac signs. They do not withhold their candor either. 


Sagittarius has the most integrity. This sun sign values honesty above all else and finds lying offensive. 

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