Most Emotionless Zodiac Signs


Pieces, more than any other sign, are in tune with their feelings. They are sensitive, caring people who aren't shy about expressing their affection for those they consider close. 

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Cancer individuals are exceptionally sensitive. Also, they are highly vocal in expressing their emotions.

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Virgos are sensitive and take things personally. Their emotions might make people feel like they're walking on eggshells around them.


Scorpios are only selective about the individuals with whom they form emotional bonds. If they like you enough, they will reveal themselves like a book.


Leos tend to feel things more profoundly than most others. The only issue is that their inflated ego allows them to mask their emotions.


Tauruses have rigid shells but mushy insides. You'll do anything to show your lover how much you love and admire them, even if others think you don't care. 


Libras can care deeply while appearing unconcerned. They dread appearing clingy. To avoid appearing needy, a libra will hide their emotions. 


Capricorns are emotionally selfish. They prefer independence and look out for themselves. Yet, they lack empathy.


Geminis are dual-personality. They're everyone's friend. They rarely focus enough to get attached to one person.


This sign's natives are sullen and emotionless. Their emotional indifference shields them from harm. 


Sagittarius folks are tough, unlike others who merely act tough. Nothing can break them.


Aries have a disposition that is impetuous and spontaneous. They love living in the fast lane, which is devoid of nostalgic baggage and emotional attachments.

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