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Most Down-To-Earth Zodiac Signs


Taurus connects with Earth. Bulls are stable, grounded, and enduring.

They maintain calm under pressure and solve problems slowly. They're patient. Venus rules them, therefore they like luxury.

They merely like what they like, unlike other signs who flaunt their wealth. Tauruses are generous, giving, and down-to-earth.

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Virgo, like earth signs, is tranquil. Loftis calls them zodiac "healers and helpers.

They rule the sixth house of health and service, thus they naturally serve others.

Virgo will drop everything to help you move or vent to them. They can also put aside their ego for the greater good.

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Capricorn is practical. The "steady sea goat" forthright, hardworking, and realistic.

Saturn makes them practical. They stay calm and solve problems. Drama-free. Capricorns are genuine.

They don't need to change to be liked. Their seriousness can intimidate at first.

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