Most Clueless Zodiac Signs


Pisces are recognized for their emotional sensitivity. They have strong psychic powers, so nothing escapes them. 

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Cancers can read people and circumstances like novels due to their empathy and sensitivity. They are intuitive and can see beyond the surface. Cancers can trust their guts.

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Aries may not be conscious of the present or past, but they can foretell the future. They grasp cause and consequence well. 


Virgos are hyper-aware because they are in tune with nature. Nature, sunshine, water, plants, and animals are their home. 


Scorpios can discern people' intentions and foretell small events. They don't realize what motivates them. 


Leos are clairvoyant, yet their egos prevent them from trusting their intuition.


Logic hinders Capricorns' consciousness. They can see visions and are psychic. They don't trust their intuition since they don't believe in that.


Geminis are fickle and distracted. Their propensity to procrastinate makes it hard to access their psychic powers.


Aquariuses are inherently contemplative. This person should be psychically aware. Ironically, this never happens.


Taurus, like other earth signs, is connected to nature and grounded. They notice details better than most.


Libras lack intuition because they are too realistic to believe in psychic abilities. 


Those born under this zodiac sign are notorious for having their heads in the clouds. They find it challenging to remain in the present because to their preoccupation with finding the next adventure. 

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