Monica Openly Discusses Fame, Fashion, Family, Beyoncé, and Whitney Houston

Is music harder than other entertainment?

Monica: It's serious. Because you're always creative, it's physically and mentally taxing. When you adore it, it brings calm.

Does fashion affect all you do?

Monica: 50% because it talks for you before you speak. How someone dresses and acts gives off a mood.

Describe your style.

Round-the-way stylish. I adore runway & my hometown, Atlanta's south side. My clothes reflect metropolitan life. I like Milano Di Rouge, Marni, Dolce & Gabbana, and Christian Dior.

Nineties style is returning. How's your teen style?

 I was unlike most females out at that time. Style defined us. Our clothes distinguished us. Brandy had lovely braids.

Any signature looks?

I secretly got a tattoo at 13. Mom wanted me dead. My early videos include armbands. I didn't want others to do it because I did it. My name was tattooed.

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Want to work in fashion?

I want to work with a company owner that loves their brand. I adore Kim Kardashian's Dolce & Gabbana collaboration. High-glam, sleek—it was her style. Fenty Rihanna. 

 Who inspires your style?

Rihanna's independence inspires me. She still influences culture. I admire her. Beyoncé has changed many times.

Why is Whitney misunderstood?

arly in her career, they didn't realize she was a round-the-way kid from Newark, New Jersey, who simply wanted to laugh, be loved, give love, and have fun. 

 Have your role model duties increased?

I've seen my kids develop and know that other kids are watching us. I remind folks that I am an imperfect human being who can deliver a terrific message.

Is that amplified by national division?

Talking about the country include its communities, people, and officials. Love, voting, and remaining active despite differences are discussed.

Next project?

"Wide Roads" and "Trenches" are favorites. My stepfather drove buses and preached Methodist. He regularly accompanied us. In Tennessee, I found country music.

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