Lose Belly Fat & Get Instant Abs With 5 Exercises

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When done correctly, the plank strengthens the abdominals, lower back, and glutes. Elevating your feet or holding longer makes it harder.

1. Planks

Bicycle crunches work the abdomen. The cross-body workout targets your obliques and transverse abdominal muscles better than the standard abdominal crunch.

2. Bicycle Crunches

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Russian twists work your obliques. They expand your back, promoting spine mobility and strength.

3. Russian Twists

Leg raises are our next favorite abs-building workout. This workout targets the lower abdominals, which are hard to work. V-shred your lower abs with leg lifts.

4. Leg Raises

Mountain climbers work your hip flexors and abs. The intense nature of the workout boosts metabolism. If you have no lower back concerns and are comfortable with the exercise

5. Mountain Climbers

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