Kylie Jenner Cuddles Stormi and Aire

"Blessed mornings with my babies," Kylie Jenner captioned a montage of her hometime with her kids. Kylie is grateful.

The 25-year-old Kylie Cosmetics founder posted a sweet home video on Instagram and TikTok Tuesday with daughter Stormi, 5, and son Aire, 14 months.

"Blessed mornings with my babies," Jenner captioned the video of her cuddling with her kids, whom she shares with ex Travis Scott, and the siblings playing and giggling.

Stormi grins at the camera as a makeup-free Jenner kisses Aire's head. Stormi tickles her brother's neck and arms, making him scream and laugh.

"Mommy!" Stormi replies to Jenner in the lovely film, pleased to make Aire giggle. Jenner wore a loose black T-shirt to match her son's light gray joggers.

The film showed Stormi and Aire's daily activities. Stormi colored and made small pancakes with her parents.

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The video wowed Jenner's 387 million Instagram followers. "Truly the best mom & beautiful family," wrote one. "Aire's laugh," commented another.

The Kardashians star said she's open to having additional children. Jenner told HommeGirls, "I don't have a number in my mind."

"Some women do, but I don't really have a plan," she said. "I think that whatever happens is meant to happen." Jenner said she's "always felt that way" about letting the future unfold.

Predestination, I guess. "Whatever happens," she said. "But I'm in charge of my life and choices." Jenner addressed how parenthood changed her beautiful perception.

"It's made me love myself more," she remarked. I see myself in my daughter & son, but my daughter looks like myself. I love myself more because she shows me my attractiveness. Beauty evolves for me."

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