Jelly Roll’s Wife Bunnie XO Defends

The wife of another country music star is responding to Morgan Wallen's last-minute cancellation of his Oxford, Mississippi headlining event.

Bunnie XO, Jelly Roll's wife, recently posted about what goes on behind the scenes and how hard musicians fight to get onstage.

“I wanted to chime in on this Morgan Wallen situation,” Bunnie XO remarked on Instagram Stories on Monday (April 24). I watched it all day. 

As an artist's wife, I've witnessed the behind-the-scenes struggle. Those judgments are never easy.”

She continued, “When an artist has to cancel a show, especially when you get to arenas like that, it’s one of the hardest decisions they’ve ever made. 

Many variables affect that. They also lose money. Venues must be repaid. I know individuals travel hundreds of miles to see their favorite musician.

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I appreciate that parents have had to acquire babysitters and time off work, and this is their one night out that they are really looking forward to, but health is most important.

Sick people can't perform. If he really lost his voice and went onstage and sang the worst version of himself,

you would still be mad at him and make videos about it, like "Look at Morgan Wallen's worst performance ever," to get views. Artists are condemned either way.”

She gave supporters and critics some advise. But my entire point is that maybe, have a little grace. Be kind. Be nice. Kindness and empathy cost nothing.

After the performance cancellation, Wallen postponed more gigs this week and informed supporters he is on voice rest.

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