Hypertrophy vs strength training: which is better for building muscle?

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Top-end strength requires bigger weight for 2-6 reps and 4-6 sets. As you lift weights near your 1RM, rest increases to a few minutes between sets. 

Hypertrophy vs strength training: sets and reps 

Progressive load principles improve volume and encourage muscular growth while training for hypertrophy. 

Hypertrophy training involves higher reps (8-12) with 60–90 seconds of rest between sets of 3-4. You'll lift at a lower 1RM %. Your final reps should be close to failure. 

Hypertrophy builds muscle greatest. Muscle fibers micro-tear during activity.

Hypertrophy vs strength training: which is better for building muscle? 

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Muscles adapt, heal, and expand during sleep or rest days. Growth hormone, among other mechanisms, helps muscles expand at this time. 

Hypertrophy training makes you stronger, but not for maximal lifting. High reps vs. big weights explains muscle fiber kinds and how they perform. 

According to research, the size principle activates more muscle fibers and "higher frequency muscle fibers" as force production increases.   

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