Health Benefits of Grapes


Grapes contain numerous essential vitamins and minerals, including copper, vitamins B and K, and vitamin K.

Packed with nutrients

Potassium appears to reduce blood pressure chiefly by dilatation of the arteries and veins.

May aid heart health

Grapes contain numerous potent antioxidants. The maximum antioxidant concentration is found in the skin and seeds. 

High in antioxidants

Resveratrol, an antioxidant found in this fruit, may reduce inflammation, inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells, and function as an antioxidant.

May have anticancer effects

Additionally, a test-tube investigation revealed that resveratrol protects human retinal cells from ultraviolet.

May benefit eye health

In addition, four weeks of resveratrol supplementation improved learning, memory, and mood in rats.

Concentration, and mood

In a trial lasting eight weeks, rats fed freeze-dried grape powder exhibited greater bone absorption and magnesium retention than rats not administered the powder.

May promote bone health

While oxidative stress and inflammation contribute to hair loss, studies indicate that resveratrol may potentially stimulate hair growth.

May improve skin and hair health

Interestingly, grape anthocyanins may have anti-obesity properties. Anthocyanins may restrict body weight increase and lower liver fat content.

Possible anti-obesity effects

As dehydration is a common secondary cause of constipation, dietary adjustments such as increasing fibre and fluid consumption are vital to treatment.

May alleviate constipation

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