Forgiving Zodiac Sign Ranking


Taurus may forgive you after asking. They may also let you grovel until you give up before being kind.

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Scorpio's sensitivity makes them unforgiving. They feel badly hurt by something. They seek revenge and justice next. 

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Capricorn may appear cool and collected, but this does not imply they are easily forgiving. In fact, they might be one of the least forgiving signs of the zodiac. 


A Libra can harbor resentment for years. They are initially forgiving, but after a certain number of transgressions or conflicts, they have no issue excluding individuals from their lives. 


Virgo pretends to forgive but never does. Instead, they remember that person's wrongs. This sign's people will always bring up past wrongs.


It is difficult to imagine that certain signs are less forgiving than Virgo, yet at least Virgo pretends to forgive others. 


Sagittarius's emotionality and childishness make them unforgiving. Sagittarius will forgive a loved one a few times before cutting them off.


Gemini may forgive some people. Little offenses will be overlooked, but disloyalty will not.


Angry Aries have difficulty speaking to resolve issues, and frequently have no desire to do so. It does not take long for the fiery temper of an Aries to simmer down. 


Aquarius has a tendency to forgive fast. They are aware that carrying grudges against others would make them bitter and vindictive.


Cancer is too lenient. Even when lied to, they sympathize with wrongdoers. Cancer will forgive everyone, even if they shouldn't, to maintain peace. 


Pisces is also excessively forgiving. They struggle to accept that some people are ill-intentioned and should not be forgiven.

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