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Emotional Zodiac Signs


Pisces leads with their heart, not their mind. They care strongly about their feelings. Pisces is introspective.

Pisces excels at emotional intelligence. They use emotions to communicate, solve problems, and resolve disagreements.


Cancer is the wateriest sign. The Moon—queen of emotions—rules them. They worry too much about everything and have profound feelings.

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Cancer, ruled by the moon, can be overwhelmed by their emotions. It's okay. When Cancer is down, use your words carefully.


Emotions emerge in a variety of ways, and for an Aries, this manifests as a quick temper and impulsive actions.

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Aries has a fiercely competitive disposition and a battling mentality, and he is not hesitant to turn up the heat.


Scorpio is the strongest zodiac sign. Water signs are ruled by emotions. They follow their emotions and gut impulses.

Scorpio might be jealous. Scorpios don't touch their loved ones. Scorpios envy even their best friend dating someone else.

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