Doja Cat Is Unbothered By Satanic Tattoo Claims.

Doja Cat's new ink wasn't warmly embraced by certain admirers. Doja was accused of being a satanist after getting a legendary tattoo this week.

Many readers branded the tattoo "Satanic" and chastised Doja for getting it.
Doja "clearly" sold her soul to the devil, according to one former devotee.

In answer, Doja said, "Whatever helps u sleep at night." After receiving further criticism, Doja explained that the artwork was from Fortunio Liceti's 1665 edition of De Monstris.

Public Domain Review, an art history charity, described De Monstris as a remark on nature's deformities as "errors or failures in the course of nature."

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"Instead, he likened nature to an artist who, faced with some imperfection in the materials to shape, ingeniously created another form still more admirable," noted the group.

After clarifying Doja's tattoo intentions, admirers still criticized her, but she didn't care. "If ur calling me demonic honestly werk cuz like i love that u ate fr," tweeted Doja.

Doja replied to a follower who accused her of "glamorizing satan" by writing, "truth is im stylin on u fr."

It seems like Doja isn't letting the criticism get to her, and the tat is staying!

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