Cowboys’ Micah Parsons warns Giants

Micah Parsons, Dallas Cowboys pass rusher, feels the NFL will have difficulties handling him next season. 

Cowboys' greatest defensive player skips off-season conditioning to become stronger: The beast grows.

When word leaked on Wednesday and Cowboys Twitter went into a tizzy, Parsons sent a message: He isn't packing on weight. 

He's bulking up to withstand 17-game double- and triple-teams. “People hear bulk and think I’m going from 246-270!” he tweeted.

 If you've seen my vids, I'm still skinny and gaining weight! I’m at 252! 255 is my career limit! I'm bulking up to carry the load!"

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He told the Dallas Morning News: “Just wanted to increase my explosiveness and add on weight the right way. Strengthen it, eat well, and all I can to be the best player.”

Instead of roaming around to find better matchups and responsibilities, Parsons will play defensive end.

“I can just study that one guy that I just need to beat on Sunday,” Parsons said. I studied the line, running backs, receivers, and concepts to win faster. 

Now I can focus on ending the run and beating the man in front of me.”

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